Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Is a Priority for the World, Says Amnesty

Kabul – Amnesty International’s office in south Asia has expressed concern about the violation of women’s rights in Afghanistan, saying that securing women’s rights during the Taliban interim government should be a priority for the world.

The organization issued a petition on Sunday, November 28, saying that the achievements of women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule for the past 20 years are in serious danger.

“Most policewomen have been forced to stay at home as the Taliban took power,” said Zala Zazai, a police officer in Khost to Amnesty.

“A huge number of policewomen officers are unable to return to their duties and some have even fled due to the high level of threats,” she added.

However, Amnesty International has issued a petition saying that countries around the world should make the provision of women’s rights under Taliban rule a priority in their dealings with the Taliban.

The petition was filed by Amnesty International at a time when at least three months after the Taliban came to power, more women have lost their jobs, and schools are closed to female students in ninth grade in many provinces.

On the other hand, female police officers who were on duty during the previous government face a vague and in some cases threatening fate.