We Strive to Inject Cash into the Banking System of Afghanistan, Say US Officials

“The US is working closely with the UN to find a way to provide cash assistance to Afghan banks.

Kabul – The US Department of State in response to the United Nations warning about the collapse of Afghanistan’s banking system has said that the US is looking for options to inject cash into Afghanistan’s banking system.

“The US is working closely with the UN to find a way to provide cash assistance to Afghan banks, said Ned Price, the US Department of State spokesman in a news conference on Tuesday, November 23.

The US is working with other countries bilaterally and multilaterally so that the Afghan people can use international support in a way that does not spill over into the Taliban’s coffers, Ned Price stressed.

“We know that the Afghan economy desperately needed international support even before the fall of the previous administration,” Price said, recalling the country’s $474 million in humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people this year.

The US supports the needs of Afghans, however, based on a series of expectations from the Taliban interim government, Price stressed.

“The US calls on Taliban rulers to guarantee free passage for all, to fulfill their anti-terrorism commitments, to protect human rights, and to form an inclusive government before any contact is made with them, he said.

A new round of talks between the US and the Taliban is set to begin in Doha in a week, according to Price.

The talks will last two weeks and will be led by Thomas West, the US special envoy for Afghanistan.

The US has insisted on helping to curb the banking system, while the UN recently warned of a collapse of the banking system in Afghanistan.

However, it had been said that if the problem was not solved in time, Afghanistan’s banking system could collapse.

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