Undercover Taliban Agents Seized Kabul From Within

Fugitive President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul three months and a half ago (August 15).

Three and a half months after the fall of the national government, US media recently reported that the Taliban covert forces had captured Kabul and other Afghan cities from within.

Fugitive President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul three months and a half ago (August 15). As he fled the country, control of all provinces, including the capital, fell to the Taliban.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Taliban undercover agents, often wearing pants, sunglasses, sportswear, and shaved beards, have been deployed to cities years ago, especially to Kabul. The report also states that the Taliban-affiliated agents infiltrated the ministries, universities, companies, and aid organizations of the former Afghan government for years.

According to the report, while US forces were leaving Afghanistan in August, Taliban secret agents in Kabul and other cities in the country made their activities public. They then took everyone by surprise and helped the Taliban quickly take control of the cities from within by taking their weapons out of hiding.

Mawlawi Mohammad Salim Saad, a senior Taliban commander who organized “suicide operations and assassinations” in Kabul during the previous government, told the Wall Street Journal that they had their people in every department and organization. According to Saad, it was these secret agents who took control of strategic locations. The Wall Street Journal writes that Mr. Saad’s members are the Badri-313 battalion of the Haqqani Network.

According to the US media, the Taliban were more involved with Afghan and US security forces during the 20-year war in Afghanistan than in rural hideouts. However, Afghan and US security forces were trying to take control of rural areas; But the game ended in favor of the Taliban by a clandestine network of operatives in the cities. The report says that on August 15, after Ashraf Ghani escaped, the same secret agents with shaved beards, wearing pants and sports glasses in their eyes, seized the capital; while well-known Taliban forces were still outside the gates of Kabul.

The report also states that Mohammad Rahim Omari, a middle-ranking commander of the Taliban’s Badri-313 Force, was secretly involved in the oil trade in Kabul. The Taliban militant told the American media that he and 12 others were sent to a security service center east of Kabul, where former government officers were first disarmed and “prevented from destroying computers and other documents.”

Other agents also went to Kabul International Airport to seize other government and military bases; Where US forces were making extensive efforts for emergency evacuation operations. The agents were tasked with taking control of Kabul airport until the next morning when Taliban insurgents entered Kabul from the outskirts of the city.

Previously, there was a lot of speculation about how the country’s strategic cities, especially Kabul fell. Some former government officials and security officials also believed that the Taliban had already deployed people into the cities. But the new report, three and a half months after the withdrawal of US troops and the collapse of the republic, clearly confirms these speculations. Many provinces at the time came under Taliban control without any resistance. Kabul was one of those cities that fell to the Taliban without a single fire. Some at the time said that Ashraf Ghani was responsible for the collapse of the army and other security structures; because they believe that his disregard for the security forces from the position of president and supreme commander and then his escape caused the army to fail and collapse.


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