Three Brothers Kidnapped in Jaghuri, Ghazni from a Village Where ISKP Used to Harass People Since 2015

Three brothers have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Ghazni's Jaghuri district where the ISKP wanted to wage a war on the Hazara community in 2015.

Local sources have confirmed that three brothers have been kidnapped in the Jaghuri district of Ghazni province in central Afghanistan.

According to sources, three brothers have been kidnapped during the grass cutting for their cattle in the Dahmurda-Gilzar village of Jaghuri district, near Zabul province.

Family members of the victims say they had been kidnapped on Wednesday last week. Although the Taliban have promised to identify the kidnappers and prosecute them, the fate of the victims is still unknown.

Relatives say the kidnappers have changed their whereabouts five times so far in order to avoid interception by family members, stressing that attempts by tribal elders to free them have failed.

Relatives of the abductees say the incident bears many similarities to the abduction seven years ago by the ISKP in the area, in which Mohammad Khan, a family member of the three young brother, was first abducted and then beheaded along with nine other civilians, including a child named Shukria Tabassum.

The incident spiked widespread reaction in Afghanistan. A mass demonstration took place in Kabul and other provinces which became known as Tabassum movement.

Relatives are afraid of the repetition of the incident used to be common seven years ago.