The Taliban Fire 13 Senior Central Bank Employees

The Taliban have fired 13 high-ranking officials of the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

A source in the Central Bank of Afghanistan says that at least 13 high-ranking employees who have been hired illegally by Ajmal Ahmadi, the former head of the Central Bank, have been fired by the Taliban.

According to the source, these people were fired on Saturday.

Among those fired are the following: Yassin Vakili, Executive Assistant to Ajmal Ahmadi, Shahmaqsoud Babak, Director-General of Information Technology, Noorullah Mayar, Deputy-Director of Banking Operations, Issa Mayar, Director-General of Zone Coordination, Abdul Karim Malekyar, Director of International Relations, and Ahmad Shakir wali, Head of the Central Bank’s Payment System.

The reason for the dismissal of these employees is said to be illegal employment by Ajmal Ahmadi, the former head of the Central Bank.

The decision was made at the first meeting of the Taliban executive board at the Central Bank.

According to the source, the files of at least 83 other employees who have been illegally appointed by the former head of the Central Bank in various positions are under investigation and are scheduled to be finalized this week.

These employees, who were closer to Ajmal Ahmadi, were hired by him illegally and without going through administrative procedures.

Earlier, Asil Gol Totakhil, the central bank’s governor overseer of the government’s accountability to the nation, had called the hiring legal.

It is worth mentioning that Totakhil has left his post now.


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