The Flood Victims in Parwan Have No Shelter

More than a year and three months after the floods hit the city of Charikar in Parwan province, no shelter has been provided for the flood victims. Some of Charikar flood victims now live in door-less, wall-less ruins. They have disturbing accounts of their lives.

Nairoo is a 40-year-old flood victim in Parwan province who lost her nine-year-old daughter. Her house was completely destroyed during floods last year. Criticizing the previous government’s negligence in building shelters for flood victims, Ms. Nairoo said she still lives in homelessness and is unable to build shelters.

In an interview with Hasht-e Subh, she has a bitter story about the remaining effects of the flood in her life. According to her, a 22-year-old boy who was nervous at the time due to the flood was not able to treat him due to financial incompetence.

“The previous government promised to distribute land to us, but that regime no longer exists,” she added. “My husband is a laborer and we can not repair our house. If I had money, I would have treated my son first.”

According to the flood victims, due to the previous government’s failure to provide shelter, some have been forced to rebuild their former lands in the floodplains.

Hamida is an elderly woman and one of the other flood victims in Charikar, who now lives in a wall-less ruin in the 11th district of Charikar with her six young grandchildren. She told Hasht-e Subh that she cannot sleep well on cloudy and rainy nights for fear of flooding again.

“If the government had built a house for us, we would never have built a house,” she said. “Even my grandchildren do not sleep in fear of cloudy and rainy nights. There have been two winters since we did not have enough quilts and blankets.” “Some of the equipment that we took out from under the mud still smells damp.”

The floods in Charikar city of Parwan province have caused many casualties and financial losses.

Meanwhile, some flood victims are urging the Taliban-led government to address their problems. Mirajan and Abdul Rabie, two residents of Charikar, say the victims of last year’s floods are now living in dire economic straits, and some do not even have bread to eat and winter facilities to keep warm.

Officials at the Parwan Department of Disaster Management, however, say that the department’s staff is currently conducting investigations to identify the victims. Abdul Alim Ahmad, the head of disaster management in the Taliban-led government, said in an interview with Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban-led government would take care of the flood victims in Charikar as much as possible. “We are trying to evacuate people who are at risk of flooding as much as possible,” he added.

According to statistics provided by the previous government, 165 people were killed and dozens more were injured in floods in September 2020 in the town of Charikar in Parwan province. According to former local officials, 422 houses were completely destroyed and another 895 houses were partially damaged as a result of the floods.

At that time, the previous government decided to re-establish shelter for flood victims as soon as possible. However, this has not been done so far. It is worth mentioning that some aid for the flood victims had been stolen by some individuals at the time.