Taliban’s Internal Clashes on Appointment of District Governor for Balkhab, Sar-e Pol

The internal disputes have once again intensified over the appointment of Balkhab district governor of Sar-e Pol province among the Taliban members, local sources reported.

Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid, a disqualified Taliban commanders in the province, nominated a relative of his to replace the current Taliban district governor in Balkhab district on Tuesday which resulted in clashes among them, sources told Hasht-e Subh.

According to sources, in response to Mehdi’s move, the provincial police chief issued a statement, stating the former district governor must remain in his post until a replacement is introduced.

A few days ago, 10 Taliban members from both sides were killed and wounded in an armed clash between Mawlawi Mehdi and the Balkhab district governor, according to reports.