Taliban Warns Andarab, Baghlan Residents of Forced Displacement In Case of Armed Resistance Continuation

Kabul – Following the taking hostages from the Resistance Front forces’ family members in Khost district of Baghlan province by the Taliban, it is now reported that the Taliban have warned the residents of Andarab Baghlan district that they will evict them forcibly if the residents do not make the Resistance forces to surrender and put down weapons.

According to sources, the Taliban fighters are launching house-to-house search operations during the night in Andarab villages for detaining the resistance front forces’ members. In case of failing to detain the target individual, members of the family are being humiliated and tortured so harshly.

Local Taliban members in Baghlan province have not yet commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, the arrests, tortures, and killings of civilians by the Taliban have provoked internal and international reactions.

The Taliban spokesman is silent so far and usually denies such allegations.