Taliban-Type Cannibalism: Taliban Kills Member of Former Anti-Taliban Forces, Feeds Him to Stray Dogs

Stray dogs were found feeding on the corpse of a member of former public uprising forces who had been kidnapped by the Taliban three days earlier.

Local sources confirmed that Taliban fighters have murdered a member of former local anti-Taliban forces, feeding stray dogs with his body in Northern Takhar province.

The victim’s family members have found his body today (Sunday, May 15) in a deserted area in the Rustaq district of Takhar province. Sources told Hasht-e Subh that the victim’s name was Salahuddin and that he had served in the public uprising forces before the fall of the former regime.

According to sources, Salahuddin had fled to Iran with the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August last year. He reportedly returned to Afghanistan a week ago.

Sources say the Taliban arrested him from his home a few days after his return to the country. According to the source, Salahuddin’s family members have found his body in a remote area while stray dogs ate parts of his body.

Local sources further state that the Taliban have also arrested three of Salahuddin’s comrades, whose situation is still unknown.

The Taliban have shot dead several people in Panjshir, Baghlan and Takhar province in the past few days.

In the latest case, three people have been shot dead by the Taliban in Andarab and two brothers in Panjshir.

Taliban has recently deployed its reserved forces to warzones in the northern parts of the country as clashes broke out in Panjshir, Bakhlan and Takhar provinces.

Simultaneously, the Taliban have played politics in the national and international arenas by denying the atrocity crimes being committed by the group members across the country.