Taliban to Professors at Al-Beroni University: Attend the Classes with Islamic Clothing and Appearance or Face Consequences

Kabul – In a new decree, the Taliban have instructed professors at Al-Beroni University in Kapisa to attend classes with an Islamic appearance; otherwise, your attendance will not be considered and you will be marked absent.

According to the decree, the teachers are obliged to encourage and advise the female students to obey and wear hijab that is aligned with the Taliban morals.

“Any professor who shaves his beard or the girls are unveiled will not be allowed to enter the entrance gate of the university by the Taliban Virtue Promoters,” the order further said. “The students must strictly avoid inappropriate debates that are contrary to the religion and academic principles.”

Simultaneously, the decree has added that no girl is allowed to enter the university while male students are in the classes.

Furthermore, it also states: “Teachers with Islamic spirit should enter the classrooms in national and Afghan clothes, and no teacher has the right to criticize religion in any way.”

In the meantime, many university professors who have resigned due to widespread restrictions are deeply concerned about the continuation of these restrictions, adding with such unjustified behaviors and attitudes, more experienced professors and professional staff will be forced to quit universities.