Taliban to Rebuild Shah wa Arus Dam Soon

Kabul – The cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has ordered that the work of Shah wa Arus dam in Kabul must be completed as soon as possible.

The cabinet meeting was held on Monday, December 6.

The meeting discussed the continuation of major infrastructure projects in the country, according to Taliban officials.

In addition, the cabinet of the Taliban has called on the Ministry of Energy and Water to take immediate action to complete the Shah wa Arus dam in northern Kabul.

This dam is located in the Shakar Dara district of Kabul.

According to the former government, this dam has a storage capacity of 9.3 million cubic meters of water.

The Shah was Arus dam can also generate 1.5 megawatts of electricity.

This dam is worth $52 million which irrigates 3,500 hectares of land and provides water to five million citizens of the capital.

Meanwhile, officials at the Energy Regulatory Authority had previously said that the work of the Shah wa Arus dam would be completed in March 2021, and would be ready for water intake, however, this process was stopped due to the recent political changes in the country.