Taliban Rebels Arrest Four UN Female Staff in Kandahar

The Taliban Vice and Virtue Department in Kandahar province has detained four women who are United Nations employees on the charges of violating the “hijab decree” and spreading alleged “immorality”.

A reliable UN source told Hasht-e Subh Monday that the detainees are the staff of immigration, children, and women organizations related to the UN.

The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that Taliban rebels arrested these female employees early this morning in front of their office and brutally beat their driver.

According to this source, these women were imprisoned by the Taliban for several hours.

It is reported that the Taliban told these female staff that they were arrested for “not observing hijab at the office” and spreading “immorality” in the society.

According to reports, the Taliban fighters have already arrested a number of women in Kandahar for alleged allegations.