Taliban Promotes Tragedy in the Name of ‘Virtue Promotion’

The baseless argument of Virtue Promotion in a deep-rooted Islamic society like Afghanistan is the worst flaws and ugliness of the Taliban regime. The establishment of a ministry for promoting virtue in an Islamic country is a disregard for human rights and an insult to human dignity.

Historians and those with historical knowledge know that there is a significant difference between primitive society and urban society or between the ages of darkness and the age of artificial intelligence. Promoting Virtue, as stated in religious teachings and texts, are specific to non-sedentary societies, known as barbarian societies or primitive societies. In such societies, as in pre-Islamic Arab society, the system of regulatory power, and in the words of Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, was not formed to prevent the aggression of one person or group against another. In such a situation, human beings had to roll up their sleeves to prevent the occurrence of inappropriate things in society. Being a spectator and acting inappropriately in such a situation becomes a complete disaster. Promoting Virtue is a moral advice to create a sense of human responsibility for the collective destiny, which can be done both individually and collectively in a society without a government.

Governance in today’s world has a very clear formula. In societies where the Leviathan, or public order forces are established; power is delegated to the legitimate institutions based on merit not by force or elimination strategy. The governments are responsible to implement the rule of law and establish public order in order to ensure everyone in the society has the freedom of practicing his/her rights as human, and this is practical and applicable within the legal framework established by the competent representatives of the people. This is about organizing the public sphere, not encroaching on the privacy of citizens. The police and government agencies are being established to protect the interests of the people by law a regulation enforcement enforce the law. In today’s human society, the judiciary department plays key role in implementing justice. The judiciary investigates and decides on violations of the law with complete independence. To ensure the proper performance of the assigned tasks, the media and civil society organizations, on behalf of the people, monitor all three bodies. In case of observing any violation of the law, people have the rights to react and question the concerned authorities within the framework of the mechanisms provided by law, without disturbing public order. This is the way of governing in today’s world, which is completely different from the way primitive societies of the age of darkness were governed.

In today’s world, creating institutions such as Ministry of Virtue Promotion and deploying Virtue Promotion Soldiers to interfere in the most personal matter of the citizens is the act of committing the greatest evil, because it involves returning to the practices of the primitive age and insulting civilization. Giving extra-legal powers to a state apparatus, by unbridled interference in most personal matters of citizens, disturbs the peace of mind and deprives the people from practicing and entertaining their basic rights being free and having the individual will power of living humanly. This institution is the embodiment of absolute evil, because it turns the system of power into an evil trait that aims to insult the honor and dignity of every citizen. This means denying human dignity, disrespecting the dignity of human beings and restricting the moral codes.