Taliban Kills 8 Civilians, Including a Woman in Panjshir

Kabul – Local sources in Panjshir province have claimed that the Taliban fighters have tortured and killed innocent civilians in the province.

According to sources, the Taliban have killed 8 civilians, including a woman, in Abdullah Khil valley in Dara district of Panjshir for the last couple of days.

The victims are Mullah Faqir, Sami, Jalil Ahmad, Saududdin, Gul Zaman, Khalid, Abdul Raouf, Gul Mohammad along with his wife.

Sources have added that the Taliban have killed and detained large numbers of civilians after being defeated by Resistance Front forces on battlegrounds.

However, the Taliban have not yet commented on the allegations.

Since May 6 till now, there have been intermittent fierce clashes between NRF forces and the Taliban in Abshar and Dara districts of Panjshir.

According to reports, more than 20 Taliban fighters and 6 members of the National Resistance Front have been injured so far.