Taliban Kidnaps the Residents as Clashes Continue in Panjshir

Local sources in Panjshir province have claimed that the Taliban have taken away civilians in various districts.

Taliban fighters are arresting innocent residents in war-torn villages in Panjshir and use them as hostage to gain leverage over the National Resistance Front. Local residents in Panjshir province confirmed the incidents.

“In a number of villages in the province, especially in the village of Piyavasht in Rokha district, the Taliban have deployed Badri forces and curfew. They do not allow locals to leave their homes,” the sources said.

“Despite the fact that the war between the NRF forces is taking place far from this village,” they added. “But the Taliban do not even allow patients and bodies to be carried out of homes.”

Clashes between NRF forces and the Taliban have been going on in Panjshir for the seventh day. The Taliban have previously been accused of arresting dozens of civilians in Panjshir and Baghlan. The Taliban, however, have remained silent on the issue.

Violent clashes between the Taliban and the NRF have recently taken place in some northern provinces. The Taliban have warned Badakhshan residents on force displacement if the resistance forces do not surrender. Similar warnings are reported from Baghlan where the Taliban have suffered casualties in the past few weeks.