Taliban Fighters Steal a Money Changer’s 500k Afghanis in Cash in Bamiyan Province

Local sources in Central Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province said that the Taliban have stolen 500,000 Afghanis in cash from a money changer.

Local sources said on Sunday (August 7th) ​​that three days ago, a money changer with 14,600 dollars, 550,000 Afghanis and a car disappeared in the center of Bamiyan province. After searching, the family members of this money changer found out that the forces of the Taliban’s 5th Infantry Brigade had arrested him.

Reliable sources told Hasht-e Subh that this money changer’s name is Najib and he is a resident of Lal-Wa-Sarjangal district, Ghor province.

According to sources, the Taliban have confiscated 500,000 Afghanis in cash from the money changer.

However, Mohammad Khawani Rasa, the spokesman of the Taliban police command in Bamiyan, denied this news, saying that no money changer has disappeared in this province and his money has not been stolen.

There have been reports indicating that Taliban forces have looted people’s property in other provinces.