Taliban Fighters Open Fire on Two Brothers in Panjshir, Killing One and Injuring Another

Taliban's unbridled fighters have killed a farmer and wounded his brother in the Paryan district of Panjshir province.

Local sources in Panjshir province have reported that Taliban forces have fired on two brothers, killing one and wounding another.

The incident took place today (Sunday, May 15) in the Shalkacha village of Paryan district of Panjshir province.

According to sources, Taliban forces have targeted them while they were busy working on their farmland.

Sources added that one of them, named Hedayatullah, was killed on the spot and another is severely injured. The motive behind this is not clear yet.

Thousands of Taliban fighters have been deployed to Panjshir province as armed clashes between the Taliban and the NRF have been continued for the last couple of weeks. Taliban forces have previously been reported to have arbitrarily killed, tortured and kidnapped civilians in Panjshir.