Taliban Fighters Collect Blood Money in Ghor Province

Kabul – Sources in Ghor say that the Taliban has demanded blood money from people in some villages of the province. The Taliban in Ghor province has reportedly demanded the members of the former government and public uprising to pay a ransom for the blood of Taliban fighters killed in the past.

One of the residents of Maidan Bazark area which is located in the center of Ghor told Hasht-e Subh Daily that the Taliban has collected ransom from the villages of Qandsang and Shorak in Firoz Koh which is related to the tribe of Zai Reza. The tribe of Zai Reza is one of the biggest tribes in Ghor province which has played the greatest role in supporting the Republic System in the past 20 years.

Although the Taliban has announced a general amnesty after seizing power, their armed forces still persecute people in some parts of the country, including Ghor province, a resident of Ghori said. The Taliban has forced these two villages to pay the ransom, he said. So far, the Taliban has collected 1 million and 500 hundred thousand afghanis from the villages, according to the source. “The Taliban enters people’s homes forcibly at night for blood money, and the process of collecting blood money carries on,” according to his information.

Likewise, according to information from sources, the expenses of 40 Taliban security forces in the villages of Qandsang and Shorak are 20 thousand afghanis and 3 sheep. The Taliban forces people to sacrifice sheep, and feed them, he emphasized. Now, the people have become tired of this, and even a number of families in these areas are forced to leave their houses and flee to Iran, a source quoted.

In addition, a civil activist of Ghor province, Hussain Hakimi, confirmed the incident to Hasht-e Subh Daily, saying that the Taliban are seeking revenge from those who have fought against them. The Taliban doesn’t have a specific leadership, but their members act arbitrarily in areas, and each of them has their own rule, the activist stressed. According to Hakimi, the Taliban are not committed to the general amnesty announcement; however, they are chanting these slogans to deceive people and the international community. The activist added after the takeover of the Taliban in all parts of the country, a number of people who had worked and had an activity with security forces or public uprising have been targeted and killed.

Furthermore, sources from Ghor province say that the Taliban has told the residents of Firoz Koh to provide winter supplies for them. likewise, the Taliban has also demanded from the shops of the area to pay them money in cash monthly, according to the source. On one hand, people are fighting intense economic poverty, on the other hand, the Taliban are collecting money by force from them, and they ask to feed them, a local source said to Hasht-e Subh Daily. Life has become tough under these conditions, according to sources narrations.

The Taliban, however, says that getting ransom by force in these areas of Ghor is not true. According to the Taliban, those who have animosity with one another in the past, now with the mediation of influential and local elders, have solved their problems.

The governor of the Taliban in Ghor, Shams Ullah Tariqat told Hasht-e Subh that the decision has been made by influential and local elders in order to solve the problems of the two belligerent groups. The governor deputy added that he has not received any complaints regarding the ransom which has been gotten by force. Tariqat stressed that if there is a complaint about this issue, the local administration of the Taliban would solve it.

During the previous government due to the internal problems between these two belligerent groups in Ghor, murders had been carried out. Therefore, both sides with the mediation of religious scholars and local elders have addressed their disputes, and no problem has remained. The local authority of the Taliban, however, stressed if a complaint exists, they would solve it.

Ghor is one of the provinces where animosity between different ethnic groups still exists. Moreover, sometimes well-known figures and activists are being targeted by unknown armed people in society. In a recent incident, on Thursday, October 14, the former representative of Ghor in the Senate, Ahmad Khan, was killed in the district of Dawlat-Yar. The Taliban, however, has promised to maintain security.