Taliban Continue Ethnic Based Expulsions of Former Government Employees: The Labor Ministry Expels 16 Directors

Based on documents leaked, the Taliban has fired 16 directors of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs who are experts with master’s and bachelor’s degrees and 10 plus years of experience in their field of work. The motive behind this collective expulsion is nothing more than ethnic reform in public sectors.

Senior Taliban members with religious education background, but zero level of experience in the respective fields of work have replaced the directors.

Based on information received from a credible source who has spoken to Hash-e-Subh in the condition of anonymity further adds that those who have a relation with Taliban senior members have remained in their posts, most of them are corrupt. Other employees at the respective ministry have either resigned or dismissed by the Taliban.

The dismissed employees belong to a particular ethnic group and the newcomers who have replaced them all belong to the Pashtun community.

Based on documents, the directors who are fired include: Human Resource Management, Policy and Plan, Skills Development, Procurement, Internal Audit, Foreign Nationals License, Technical and Vocational Centers, Invitation and Guidance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication and Public Relations, Kindergartens, and orphanage and the Children’s Network

In addition, according to another document obtained by Hasht-e Subh, Mullah, Abdul Wali Saranwal, the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, has introduced Haji Khalid Navid as the Acting Minister in a letter until his return from his official trip with very limited level of authority. The Acting Minister introduced does not have any executive authority, but only to oversee the daily operations of the ministry. ,

Due to security concerns, none of the dismissed directors are ready to take interview and appear on media to fight for their rights. Simultaneously, Taliban seniors are calling on experts and specialist to return to country. They have assured no security concerns are threatening those who are willing to return.

Taliban have recently formed the “Communication Committee” which is responsible to communicate with and facilitate the return of former government officials and political figures that have fled the country as a result of the former government collapse.

Since the fall of the republic, numerous reports are documented that have leaked, indicating the dismissal of low-ranking officials and senior government officials from various institutions and ministries. In addition, a large number of government employees are on standby.

Taliban militants have neither commented nor provided any detail on these matters.

Hasht-e Subh