Taliban Builds Military Bases on Residents’ Private Lands in Zabul

Local sources in Zabul province report that the Taliban rebels are using civilians’ private lands and building military bases.

According to a reliable local source, the Taliban have used a hotel owned by a resident of Qalat, in the center of the province, and controls four districts from this hotel being used as their base.

According to the source, the former prison in Zabul is also used by the Taliban which was built on the private land of the residents.

Sources have further added that the Taliban group has set up bases in Senk, Mullah Barat, Qalat, and other areas on private lands of the residents.

In the meantime, the locals are complaining about the Taliban’s move, urging them to leave their personal properties.

Meanwhile, the Taliban group is reportedly using the private properties of the residents in other provinces as well.