Taliban Bans Broadcasting Foreign Made TV Series on MOBY Group Media Company and Tolo TV

The Taliban have imposed certain restrictions and censorships on media and freedom of speech since August 2021. In addition to the Taliban’s interferences in media’s scope of work, the factors such as security threats, and lack of funds have forced many media channels to shut down. It is recently reported that more than 50% of the media channels have either closed or have minimized their scope of operations.

MOBY Group, the largest private media company in Afghanistan has recently announced that the Ministry of Vice and Virtue in a letter has warned and banned broadcasting foreign-produced TV series.

According to MOBY Group officials, based on the letter issued on Thursday, the media networks related to the group will temporarily stop broadcasting the TV series.

Tolo said the acting Taliban Intelligence Service has called on the group to officially guarantee that the programs against the ideology of the Taliban will not be aired any more.

However, Tolo TV has suggested that a joint commission formed of Ministry of Information and Culture and Moby Group representatives should sit to discuss the matter and figure out a method of agreement on types of programs and TV series in alignment with the cultures and values of the Afghanistan people.

The network has emphasized that it is the Ministry of Information and Culture to decide on these matters and in case the ministry finds out our publications against the norm and values of the country, the announcement should be made officially and publicly.

Since the Taliban have gained power, they have been trying to lock the people in cages and they have proved to be against any thing that is deemed to be a source of happiness and entertainment. They have defined certain rules that are not only applicable in the current time, but are not even aligned with the religious practices and values. Most of the regulations and restriction they have been imposing are self-defined values with no religious source support.