Taliban Rebels Arrest 11 Women in Bamiyan Province

Kabul – Local sources in Bamiyan province have confirmed that the Taliban insurgents have arrested 11 women accused of disrupting the support program arranged by the Taliban in the center of the province. The women were arrested on Saturday, April 2.

The sources told Hasht-e Subh that three of the arrested women are charged with taking down the banners and eight others are arrested on charges of disrupting the program.

Initially, the Taliban militants did not accept the claim, but later in another statement by the local Taliban, they have accepted the claim.

Last week, the Taliban rebels had arranged a program to show on the screen women supporting their de facto government. But the scenario changed as the women figured out the motive behind the program and demanded the reopening of schools’ doors to girls.

The women left the program by tearing down the banners and shouting against the Taliban’s policies and ideologies.

Since the Taliban have regained power in August 2021, they have been using women as the weak point of the international community to gain political negotiation power, but they have failed.

It is for 200 days since the Taliban have closed the education doors to girls. The rebels had promised to reopen the education doors to girls in spring 1401 (the beginning of the school year in Afghanistan). In contrast, they have backtracked on their commitment in the very last minutes arguing that girls’ uniforms are not aligned with Islamic values, saying that education doors to girls would remain closed until a plan is drawn up in accordance with Islamic law for them to reopen.

Bamiyan is a wonderland with a magical landscape that has housed the great statues of Buddhas. The province used to be one of the supporters of democracy for the last 20 years with zero cases of insurgency. But with the rise of the Taliban, the province has now lost the image of being a sample of democracy and civilization.