Taliban Arrest an Officer of the 205th Corps in Kabul

Sources confirmed that Taliban fighters arrested Capt. Abdul Bashir, an officer at the 205th Corps of the former Afghan Army based in Kandahar. He is said to have been detained in Kabul a week ago.

According to sources, Taliban fighters initially arrested a friend of the former soldier. The Taliban then detained the former supply officer of the 205th Corps after receiving information from his friend.

A source told Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban had demanded a pistol from the soldier, adding that it had been handed over to them. But not only did they keep the army commander in custody, but they also imprisoned his brother-in-law, who had no official mission, for several days.

Relatives of the former army commander said he has four children and is the sole head of a family.

Abdul Bashir’s family members emphasized that Taliban officials did not allow them to meet the former soldier.

They state that Abdul Bashir Haidari’s mother had visited the Taliban’s headquarters several times but had not been allowed to visit her son.

Meanwhile, Aqiljan Azzam, the Taliban’s deputy spokesman for the interior ministry, said security had been restored in the coun, adding that coercion and violations had been prevented.

In the first days of their victory, the Taliban declared a general amnesty, calling on everyone to remain in the country without fear.