Take Effective Measures to Form an Inclusive Government, Says EU to Taliban

Kabul – The European Union (EU) says it met with Taliban representatives in Qatar in recent days.

The EU has reiterated its call on the Taliban to respect women’s rights and to take effective steps to establish an inclusive government.

The negotiations were for two days, said EU in a newsletter on Sunday, November 28.

The purpose of the talks was not to recognize the Taliban, however, part of the EU’s operational engagement in favor of the union and the people of Afghanistan, the Union stressed.

The EU newsletter states that in talks with the Taliban delegation, the importance of democracy was emphasized and that the union called for any constitutional amendment to be implemented through a transparent and participatory process.

In addition, the Union has called on the Taliban to take prompt, meaningful, and tangible steps to establish an inclusive government that reflects the richness of Afghan society in terms of ethnic, political, and religious affiliations, with men and women in senior positions.

Another part of the talks emphasized the protection of women’s rights, respect for fundamental freedoms, and the education of girls.

Moreover, the Taliban have pledged to uphold human rights, the rights of women and children, the rights of minorities, and freedom of speech and the media, in accordance with Islamic principles.

In addition, the Taliban have emphasized that they provide equal access to education for girls and boys.

However, during this round of talks, the EU has expressed concern about the activities of terrorist groups in the country.

But in response to these concerns, the Taliban have promised that no group will use Afghan territory as a base to threaten other countries.

The Union has said that the Taliban delegation has stated its commitment to the rule of law and good governance during this round of talks.

Furthermore, the Union also reiterated its commitment to the territorial integrity of an independent Afghanistan, at peace with itself and its neighbors, and in engaging with the international community on the basis of national sovereignty, mutual respect, and recognition of all national and international responsibilities.

On the other hand, the Taliban have emphasized that they provide a safe passage for foreign nationals and Afghan citizens who want to leave Afghanistan.

Therefore, the two sides stressed the fundamental importance of keeping Afghanistan’s airfields open.
Another part of the talks focused on humanitarian aid.

The European Union has said it intends to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghan women, men, and children in need, in accordance with humanitarian principles, to ensure access for those in need.

In addition, the Union has stated its readiness to consider providing significant financial assistance to the direct benefit of the Afghan people.

The Taliban delegation led by Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi the acting foreign minister of the Taliban interim government went to Doha last week for talks with US officials.

The talks lasted two days and focused on the freezing of Afghan assets, human rights, the fight against terrorism, and the safe passage of foreign nationals through Afghanistan.