Securing Cities with Suicide Squads and Explosives: When Taliban Fighters Perform Police Tasks

Last Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the Taliban rebels repelled an attack attributed to ISKP affiliates in Kabul. Taliban operation ended after several hours of fighting and finally exploded the building to end up the resistance in the “Karta-e Sakhi” neighborhood, the third security district of Kabul.

The footage of the Taliban operation went viral, showing a Taliban fighter throwing a barrel full of explosives inside the building where, as the Taliban say, “evil people” had made their resistance base. After a few seconds, one of the walls of this building collapses. Apparently, this building is the house of a resident of Kabul.

This is not the only case that the Taliban’s counter-attack with armed groups has caused panic among the citizens and mass destructions. About a month ago, the Taliban resisted a similar attack in Khairkhana, Kabul. Taliban fighters fought with the ISKP for about four hours in the “Anjirak” outpost located in the 315 area of ​​Khairkhana, Kabul. They used heavy weapons in this conflict and at the same time, the sound of several powerful explosions shook Khairkhana area in Kabul city. The Taliban have not released a video tape of the repulse of this attack, but eyewitnesses reported the destruction of civilians’ properties and assets.

Military experts criticize this behavior of Taliban fighters, saying that repelling terrorist attacks with terrifying methods is not appropriate. Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, the former deputy of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the former regime, speaking to Hasht-e Subh, says that it is not appropriate to destroy infrastructures. According to him, the Taliban must legally reimburse the damages to the owner of the house. If it is determined during the investigation, the owner does not have a relationship with terrorists.

Mr. Yarmand emphasizes that the performance of Taliban should be proportional to the level of threat. Referring to the repelling of the armed attackers by the Taliban in Karta-e Sakhi, he states that the Taliban should have kept the attackers under siege and finally with tactics, they could have repelled the attack.

Also, Mohammad Mubariz (pseudonym), one of the former national security officials, says: “Professional evaluations of the methods of neutralizing terrorist attacks by the Taliban show that this group does not respect any of the division of duties of different departments.”

According to Mr. Mubariz, in the past when such attacks used to take place, in the first stage, the special police unit used to take action. The forces of this unit provided security coverage around the area and the operational units of the Ministry of Defense were on standby in the third belt.

This former national security officer states that after clearing the scene of the incident, the national security investigation team used to take action and take private and public photos of the traces and signs, telephones, DNA, fingerprints and hair of the suicide bombers, but currently, none of these measures are being followed by Taliban by the Taliban. They do not consider these and they are totally not familiar with such procedures and professional handling of the incidents.

Mr. Mubariz adds that in such operations, usually “the Taliban’s Badri unit or suicide unit as part of the operation is involved, and technical evaluations show that terrorists are acting against terrorists.” The same equipment and tools used by the Taliban’s enemies are the same tools used by the Taliban against them.

The citizens of the country also criticize this method of the Taliban of dealing armed offensive attacks. Speaking to Hasht-e Subh, Ahmed Shekib Mansoori, a resident of Kabul, said that he was “shocked” when he saw the Taliban’s method of dealing the Karta-e Sakhi operation. He emphasizes that with this method, the Taliban will not leave any place safe in the big cities.

Mr. Mansoori adds that the Taliban should train their fighters in this field to protect people’s lives and property, not to create another evil to eliminate one evil. He calls the continuation of terrorist attacks in Kabul worrisome and emphasizes that people will be “destroyed” by this method and the increase of attacks.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, another citizen, says: “When I saw the work of the Taliban, I thought which police station they will take in their old way.” He calls the method of neutralizing Taliban operations unprofessional and “terrorism act” and asks this group to prioritize the safety of people’s lives and property in such incidents.

Mr. Faiz calls the recklessness of the Taliban fighters alarming and states: “They did not even take the ambulance that was brought to transport their wounded away from the area and blew it up together with the building.”

Several similar cases have been reported in other provinces of the country. The residents of Panjshir Province have complained many times that the Taliban do not pay attention to the destruction of civilian properties and even mosques when fighting with NRF forces, and their only goal is to destroy the armed forces of their opposition.

Meanwhile, people are seriously worried about the worsening of the security situation and say that the situation is getting worse every day.

In the very first days of Taliban’s entrance to Kabul, the only leverage they could use to satisfy the people in tolerating them was  enhanced security measures which gradually has turned to nothing more than fake promises by the terrorist group.

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