Relief Workers Express Concerns Over Child Casualties After Taliban Take Charge in Balkhab

Relief workers who have voluntarily gone to the remote mountains to help the displaced people of Balkhab for the past four days express their concern over the loss of more children.

Those who have visited the Hazar chashma, Dozdan chashma, Sarsalakh, Abqol, Gandaji, Sokhta, Zardsang, Pitab and Pudina villages in the Yekawlang district of central Bamiyan province, say that displaced people in these areas have many problems, including lack of food supplies, shelter, clothes, blankets, and other basic facilities.

These aid workers, who do not want to be named for some reason, add that most of the displaced children and elderly people in these areas have been infected with diseases such as diarrhea, dyspnea, colds, and skin diseases due to the cold weather, lack of food supplies, shelter, and other basic facilities.

One of these rescuers told Hasht-e Subh that if the people do not receive first aid and health personnel, vulnerable children and elderly people will perish.

In a video tape that has gone viral on social media a displaced woman also says that her husband has been killed in Balkhab and her children died of disease on the way in the mountains.

She has now taken refuge alone in the mountains and is asking aid organizations to at least provide immediate humanitarian aid to save other vulnerable people.

Two days ago, local sources confirmed that a displaced pregnant woman gave birth in the mountains. According to the sources, her baby immediately died due to the lack of health facilities and her health condition is reported to be critical.

Residents and international human rights watchdogs have been criticizing the Taliban for grave rights abuses that have taken place in its military campaign against local fighters led by Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid. Balkhab is a Shia Hazara neighborhood in northern Afghanistan. According to watchdogs, the Taliban have committed heinous crimes and have executed civilians in groups in the remote Balkhab district.