Qatar Calls Human Rights Abuses in Afghanistan Disappointing

8am, Kabul: Qatari foreign minister described human rights abuses in Afghanistan as “disappointing”, adding that the Taliban’s restrictions on the education of Afghan girls were “a step backward”.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani has called on the Taliban to look to Qatar for how to run an Islamic system.

Sheikh Mohammed, in a press conference with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Thursday (September 30), referred to the closure of secondary schools for Afghan girls.

“The recent moves that we have unfortunately witnessed in Afghanistan are a step backward and very disappointing,” he said.

Al-Thani says the international community must coordinate with the Taliban to avoid such restrictions. According to him, Qatar has been trying to show the Taliban how an Islamic country can deal with women’s issues.

“Qatar is a Muslim country and can be a role model for the Taliban,” Sheikh M. said. “Our political system is Islamic. However, there are more female employees in the government and higher education than men.”

Qatar has called on the Taliban to maintain the achievements of the past 20 years. He also warned the international community and its partners not to isolate Afghanistan because of the Taliban government.

In the press conference, Josep Borrell also called the situation in Afghanistan disappointing.

While boys’ secondary schools have been started, girls’ schools are closed. The Taliban have said they are working to provide girls with secondary education.

Qatar has hosted the Taliban’s political bureau for several years. The country has seemingly close ties to the Taliban. Many foreign embassies and political missions previously based in Afghanistan now operate from Doha, Qatar.