Poor Families Sleep on the Streets in Ghor Due to Poverty

Kabul – Many families in Ghor province live on the streets day and night due to extreme poverty and hunger.

These families have come to Firozkoh city from Allahyar district since Saturday, November 13.

The families, including infants, women and old men spend the night in the open air and cold weather in Firozkoh city.

The families, who have taken refuge in the capital of Ghor province due to poverty, told Hasht-e Subh that no institution has come to their aid so far.

They are asking for help from institutions and organizations to help them, because otherwise, their children will die of extreme cold and hunger.

Meanwhile, Mawlawi Abdul Hai Zaeem, Ghor’s director of Information and Culture, confirmed in an interview with Hasht-e Subh that 10 families had come to Firozkoh from Allahyar district without shelter.

It is worth mentioning that shocking reports of increasing poverty in Ghor have been published many times before.