Pakistani Forces Open Fire on Protesters in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan

The Pakistani forces launched airstrikes on dozens of villages in Kunar and Khost, two eastern cities of Afghanistan, killing 45 civilians, including children and women. The attacks on Afghanistan’s soil provoked reactions of Afghanistan civilians, the international community and Afghanistan’s representative to the United Nation, calling the attacks clear violations of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

The people of Afghanistan have protested along the Durand Line in response to the Pakistan army’s recent attacks on Afghanistan soil.

People in Nimroz, in southwestern Afghanistan, also protested against Pakistan’s hostile efforts and it is reported that Pakistani border forces have opened fires on protestors.

As a result of the fires by Pakistani border forces, six protestors are severely injured, local sources confirm.

The demonstrations turned violent after Pakistani troops opened fire on protesters. Demonstrations have also taken place in major cities in Afghanistan, including Kandahar.

Pakistan airforce bombed villages in Khost and Kunar on Friday night, killing dozens of innocent civilians, including women and children.