NRF Claims to Have Fired a Rocket on a District of Kapisa

Kabul – The National Resistance Front (NRF) claims that its forces fired a rocket on a building in the Hesa Awal district of Kapisa province.

A video message of elements of the (NRF) claims that their forces attacked the building of the Hesa Awal district of Kapisa on Saturday night in response to the arrest of six women and three children by Taliban forces in the province.

In the video, the (NRF) calls the detention of women and children by Taliban forces against Islamic and human values.

Local Taliban officials in Kapisa province, however, deny the allegations of a rocket attack on the district of the province.

“No, no such incident has taken place,” Karimullah Wasiq, the Taliban governor’s spokesman for Kapisa province, told Hasht-e Subh.

On Sunday last week, Taliban forces arrested six women and three children in the Hesa Awal district of Kapisa, who were released hours later with the mediation of local elders.

According to published reports, the women and their children were detained without the coordination of local Kapisa authorities when the men of the family were not at home.

The Taliban said at the time that they had been detained following a legal complaint.