Mawlawi Mehdi Killed by Taliban in Herat, Sources Say

Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid has been killed by the Taliban in Herat province after being arrested.

Intelligence sources confirm to Hasht-e Subh that Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid, the former commander of the Taliban, was arrested and executed on Wednesday (August 17th) in the third Kamana brigade, in the village of Boonyad in the Kohsan district of Herat province.

According to the sources, brigade Mehdi Mujahid was planning to travel to Iran while being arrested by the Taliban.

Taliban intelligence officials have also published a picture of him. It is not yet known whether this image is related to the recent event or not.

The Ministry of Defense of the Taliban also says that the border forces of this group killed Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid on the border between Afghanistan and Iran.

Mawlawi Mehdi was the only Hazara commander in the ranks of the Taliban in Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province, who gathered troops to fight the Taliban in his birthplace after opposing the decisions of the Taliban leadership in Kabul. But he failed and ran away.