Local Sources: Taliban Brutally Tortures and Kills a Former Afghanistan Police Officer in Helmand Province

Kabul – Taliban militants have brutally tortured and murdered a former government police officer named Shir Mohammad in Helmand province.

Local sources have confirmed that the victim had served in eight-security district of Lashkar Gah city during the former government.

The motive behind his murder is defined as his membership in the former government security forces.

As reported, Taliban militants arrested him a while ago and after several days of torture, they murdered him.

Meanwhile, a number of Helmand residents have expressed concerns about breaching the general amnesty by the Taliban soldiers.

Recently, there have been numerous reports of killings and torture of security forces of the former government, which has raised concerns among many international organizations and human rights defenders

Furthermore, the media outlets report that they have evidence that Taliban regime has approached some religious scholars in Haqqani madrasas in Pakistan and have requested them to issue decrees in accordance with Islamic law so that they can punish Afghanistan’s former security forces and government employees.

Taliban interim government has not yet commented on this matter.