Local Sources: Airstrikes by Pakistan Army Kill 30 Civilians in Parts of Khost Province

Kabul – It is reported that Pakistan Amy jets have targeted a number of villages in the Spera district of Khost province in eastern Afghanistan.

According to the Taliban’s spokesman in Khost, the Pakistan Army jets attacked the villages at around 2:00 AM on Saturday night, April 16.

Malik Jamshid, a Tribal leader in the Waziristan region, told Hasht-e Subh that 30 people, including women and children, have been killed in the attacks.

However, the Taliban’s spokesman in Khost has not provided details on the number of causalities.

Simultaneously, a clash between Pakistan border forces and Taliban forces in the area of ​​Misterbel, in the Garbuz district of Khost on Saturday night at around 9:00 is reported. Two Taliban fighters are killed.

In another report, the Pakistani army has carried out airstrikes on some parts of Kunar province too, local sources have confirmed.

Meanwhile, Pakistani media have reported that as a result of the airstrikes on North Waziristan, many Pakistan anti-government rebels have been killed.