Kabul Ambulance Stops Delivering Services Due to Fuel Shortage

Kabul residents say that ambulance vehicles have stopped delivering services for two weeks due to a lack of fuel.

On Sunday, a citizen told Hasht-e Subh that he had called an ambulance while transporting a patient from the road, but he has been told that the ambulance could not provide services due to the lack of fuel.

At 1:54 pm, the citizen wanted to take a girl who had fallen on the street to the hospital from the Kabul University crossroad.

When he called the ambulance for help, he was told that the ambulance had no fuel and that it does not deliver services for two weeks.

Although we tried to ask Kabul Ambulance authorities for comment, we were unable to do so despite repeated calls.

Meanwhile, providing services in some departments and institutions has been stopped due to economic and technical problems.