ISKP, Other Terrorists Regroup In Afghanistan: General Mark Milley

General Mark Milley says that the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (ISKP), along with other terrorist groups, are attempting to regroup in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.

“ISIS and other groups are trying to put themselves back together, they have not succeeded yet and they have not yet presented a threat to the US homeland but we are watching that very, very, closely and if they raise their head and do present a threat, we will take appropriate action,” he said, voicing his concerns.

The ISKP, one of the most notorious and vicious branches of ISIS, has recently launched deadly attacks on civilian infrastructure, killing hundreds of members of the Hazara ethnic and religious community in Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Kandahar and so on.

General Mark Milley, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the remarks at a Senate hearing. The Taliban, however, denies the claims of the ISKP expanding its stronghold in Afghanistan.

Earlier in March, US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that ISKP continues to expand uninterrupted in Afghanistan.

ISKP poses a moderate to high threat to the Taliban and civilians in Afghanistan, CENTCOM further said, adding that this threat has the potential to grow in the coming months and years.

As the economic situation and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan worsen, with food security continuing to deteriorate, vulnerable populations will potentially become increasingly susceptible to ISKP recruitment.