Iranian Forces Clash With Taliban on Shared Border

Iranian media have reported that Iranian border guards clashed with Taliban fighters over a misunderstanding.

Iranian media called the clashes between the Iranian army and Taliban fighters a “border misunderstanding.”

Iranian border forces and the Afghan Taliban ended clashes over a “border misunderstanding” near Afghanistan’s Nimroz province, according to Iran’s Tasnim news agency.

In the past, walls have been erected inside Iran to fight smugglers. According to the news agency, some Iranian farmers crossed the walls but did not leave Iran.

Tasnim added that as farmers crossed the walls, Taliban forces thought their territory had been invaded and fired on Iranian villagers. In response, Iranian border forces responded.

According to Iranian media, the clashes between the two sides took place this afternoon in the “Shaghalak” area near Nimroz province.

Although local sources and video footage of the conflict indicate that the Taliban have seized several Iranian border checkpoints, Iranian officials deny the fall of their border checkpoints.

Sources in Nimroz claim that at least three Iranian border checkpoints have been captured by the Taliban during clashes between the Taliban and Iranian border forces.

Iranian media have reported that the clashes are over and the two countries’ border forces are in charge of controlling their borders.

However, officials from the Taliban-led government have not yet commented on the incident.



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