Four People Stoned to Death in Urozgan Over Rape Accusation

Local Taliban fighters in Uruzgan province have arrested four people for raping two women and then stoned them.

Local Taliban sources in the province told Hasht-e Subh that the men were accused of raping two women, adding that the four had confessed to the crime.

The men were publicly stoned to death on Tuesday (December 7th) in the Gizab district of the province.

No information is yet available on whether these people are alive or dead, and sources have not commented.

According to sources, the accused were detained by the district police chief.

A Taliban official seen in the video released from the area called the stoning a lesson for other youths, saying that the Islamic principles will be applied in the same way.

In the video released from the stoning of these people, a large crowd of people was present to witness the scene.

The Taliban have not yet officially commented on the matter.

Arbitrary executions are still ongoing in some provinces of Afghanistan.

Taliban leaders previously instructed their fighters and subordinates to refrain from arbitrary executions and to allow cases to be pursued through the judiciary.