Former Security Forces Joined with the IS-KP Fighters

Kabul – Some former security forces of Afghanistan’s previous regime have reportedly joined the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (IS-KP).

Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, (October 31) that a number of ex-security forces and intelligence agents in the army of Afghanistan joined with the IS-KP group due to the recent changes and the collapse of the government in the country.

Islamic State group has attracted the members of the former security forces of Afghanistan due to the economic challenges that they had faced, Wall Street reported.

Meanwhile, the intelligence agents and the former military forces of Afghanistan support the IS-KP group in terms of collecting information and war techniques, according to Wall Street Journal.

An officer of the National Army who was in charge of the army weapons and ammunition depot in Gardez province, and he had earlier joined with the IS-KP group, was killed in a fight with the Taliban last week, according to Wall Street.

However, the Taliban says that the IS-KP group is not a serious threat in Afghanistan, and it doesn’t have power and a military base in the country.

Since the led-government of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the IS-KP group has carried out at least three attacks on the civilians in Kabul, Kunduz, and Kandahar provinces which killed 200 civilians and wounded about 300 others, and the victims were the Shia Muslim community.