Forced Displacement in Versaj District, Taliban Starts Evicting the Residents of Takhar

Sources in Versaj district of Takhar province have confirmed that the Taliban rebels had previously warned the local residents in Versaj of forced displacement. Based on that warning, the rebels have started harassing the people and forcefully expelling the residents from their houses and areas.

Yesterday, the Taliban fighters evacuated the houses of Mohammad Alam and Rahimullah by force and violence and made them a military base, according to sources.

It is now confirmed that the Taliban fighters have turned the residential houses into military bases.

Sources have stated that the Taliban have ordered the families of those who are in the ranks of the Resistance Front to evacuate their houses as soon as possible or face the consequences.

It is said that the Taliban have confiscated people’s cars and motorcycles and arrested themselves in Versaj district.

Likewise, the Taliban have forcibly evicted 30 families in Andarab Baghlan province.