Explosion Hits Kabul City

Sources report the occurrence of a powerful explosion in the center of Kabul city.

According to the initial report, the blast took place at around 6:00pm this Sunday evening in the Pul-e-Asmayi area of Kabul.

It is said that a vehicle carrying passengers to the west of Kabul was targeted by the explosion.

According to eyewitnesses, some of the victims of the incident have been taken to hospitals near the targeted area.

However, there is no exact detail of the casualties.

Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.

During the past three days, Kabul has witnessed explosive incidents.

On Friday, August 5, at least eight people were reportedly killed and 18 others injured when an explosion went off in Sar-e-Karez area, PD 6, west of Kabul.

On Saturday, August 6, the Kabul security department confirmed that two people were killed and 22 others wounded in a blast that took place earlier in the day in Pul-e-Sokhta area of Kabul.