EU to Establish Physical Presence in Afghanistan

The European Union said on Friday it was re-establishing a physical presence in Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes

A spokesman for the European Union (EU) said on Friday (January 21st) that the EU would re-establishes its physical presence in Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes, Reuters reported. The union, however, has stressed it was not formally recognising the Taliban-led administration.

“The European Union has begun a minimal presence of international staff to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and to monitor the humanitarian situation,” said European Commission foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano.

“Our minimal presence in Kabul must not in any way be seen as recognition,” the EU spokesman said. He emphasized that the issue had been clearly communicated to Taliban officials.

A Taliban foreign ministry spokesman tweeted today that officials had reached an agreement with the European Union to “formally open a permanent representation in Kabul and begin operations.”

This is the first action by a Western power. The European Union withdrew all its staff from Afghanistan when the country fell to the Taliban, and its member states closed all political representations.

The European Union (EU) announced on Tuesday that it had allocated $304.06 million in assistance to the people of Afghanistan.