Emirate in Republic Uniform to Deceive the Public and World

The administration of Afghanistan has been continuously modernized for about a century, despite several interruptions and setbacks.

The infrastructures, laws, regulations and organizations that have been gradually developed in the last century have made the Afghan government something that looks very complicated for the emirate with its simple and primitive nature. In the last 20 years, the infrastructure and systems that were damaged in two decades of war had been rebuilt and developed. Now the Taliban group is facing a big problem: the framework of law and administration of Afghanistan is not suitable for the Emirate. It is not an easy task to change such a system that has been formed for nearly a century, officers have been trained with it and citizens have become accustomed to it; At the same time, creating an emirate in the container of a republic causes the emirate to suffer fundamental challenges.

The Taliban group has not hidden their astonishment at the extent and complexity of the Afghan administration and government. For them, taking over posts, filling offices, driving away former employees and changing laws and regulations in a direction where, according to the Taliban leader, no man-made laws will be implemented, is much more difficult than the military occupation of Afghanistan and practically it is impossible. Today’s modern governments are ran by knowledge and not by praying and mis-interpreting the holey books in order to deceive the people and wait a magic from God.  Those who occupy the positions have to give in to the minimum administrative realities and the needs of the society and most of the time move against the direction that the “Emirate” wants.

Yesterday, Taliban officials in the Ministry of Economy presented their work report to the media and through that to the “people”. We have nothing to do with the content of their report. It is not expected that we will hear anything new from them. The spirit of reporting to the people is soft in the republic and contrary to the rule of the emirate, which is based on secrecy. This contradiction has been imposed on the Emiratis by the administration. In an emirate where the relationship between the government and the people is one-sided and the role of the subjects is only allegiance and obedience, reporting to the people is “misleading” and the Taliban cannot avoid these “misleading activities” behind the on screen and fake reporting while there is no realities behind such populistic moves. Because the Ministry of Economy was built with modern and non-Taliban administrative principles. In that ministry, development plans for the government should be measured, facts should be checked and the work done in the field of economy should be summarized. The administrative organization and work principles of the ministry require this. You can’t do anything there with prayers and orders. In an administration that runs on man-made rules, the plan is complete when it is executed. Implementation is incomplete without evaluation and summation, and summation is futile if not reported. Mullah Hibatullah does not receive his report directly from the officers, because in the Emirate reports are made indirectly and through espionage.

An administration built by human and for the development of the economy requires human rules and procedures. When the officials and agents of the Taliban in the Ministry of Economy walk in the corridor of the Republic Administration, they have to go to the end and even report to the “people”! People who do not have the right to vote cannot criticize the Taliban’s report, and the rulers expect only loyalty and obedience from them.

The style of Afghanistan’s administration is similar to the uniform, modern. Taliban government does not have the capacity to sew an Emirat dress for its office, and not to wear the republic uniform, there will no option but to appear naked. On the other hand, the uniform does not suit the Taliban, nor does the people of Afghanistan and the public opinion of the world see the Taliban as suitable in the uniform of the Afghan administration.