Eight Orphans Die Hungry in Western Kabul’s Poorest Neighborhood

Kabul – Eight orphans have reportedly died of starvation in western Kabul’s Etifaq township.

The children, who did not have a guardian or breadwinner, lived in Dasht-e Barchi’s 13th district in Kabul.

Mohammad Ali Bamiyani, a religious scholar and preacher at a mosque in western Kabul who buried the children, said that the neighbors had previously provided the children with food.

Bamiyani said in a video posted on social media that he was contacted three weeks ago that all members of a family had died.

“When I arrived at the scene, I came across a strange case,” Bamiyani said. “All eight children were dead. It was clear that they had starved. The children were so hungry that they could not even stretch their legs.”

These children have certainly died of starvation, because not all members of a family would ever die of disease at the same time, according to Bamiyani.

All of these children, including four boys and four girls, have been buried by locals in a public cemetery in Qurigh mountain.

According to Mohammad Ali Bamiyani, these children had just lost their parents. According to him, the father of these children was paralyzed and had a tumor on his head. The father had not been able to cure himself due to poverty. Therefore, he died in recent months.

Bamiyani states that the mother of the children had also suffered from heart disease after the death of her husband. Therefore, the mother also died recently at Ibn-e Sina Hospital.

After these events, the children became orphans and made a living with the help of the locals.

Mohammad Ali Bamiyani points out that the children were not old enough to provide for themselves and save themselves from extreme poverty and hunger. Bamyiani says the oldest of these children was 8 years old and the youngest was one and a half years old, adding that they were incapable of surviving the starvation.

“When the landlord wanted to invite the children for breakfast, he saw that they were all dead,” he said, quoting the homeowner.

He added that the children had no relatives or close family and that locals had held their funerals.

Bamiyani states that because the children’s food had been supplied irregularly and not on time, they have starved. He recalls that if he had found out sooner, he would have helped them and perhaps saved their lives.

The deaths of the eight children from starvation have also provoked reactions from Afghan citizens and politicians.

Mohammad Mohaqeq, the leader of the People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, said it was a shocking incident, but that no one had responded because the victims were “Shiites from the Hazara community and live in a Hazara neighborhood.”

The children starved to death as aid organizations warn of rising poverty, hunger, and malnutrition in the country.

Earlier, aid groups warned that Afghanistan is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, adding that urgent assistance is needed.

Unemployment, high market prices, and the incompetence of the Taliban have plagued citizens of Afghanistan. These factors have forced many civilians to flee the country.