Eight Months of Life in Limbo: Afghan Colleagues of US Army Waiting in Limbo for Visa Approval in Third Countries

Afghan colleagues of the US Army await in limbo for the confirmation of their promised US visas in third-party countries.

It has been more than eight months that Afghan citizens who had worked for the US army are waiting in third countries for their promised American visa.

In August last year, thousands of US troops’ Afghan allies were evacuated to the third countries. But after eight months of living in limbo, dark shaded future is sill their fate.

Fox News reported on Tuesday (May 17th) that the evacuated people are still waiting to receive US visas after eight months in limbo.

“We are actively processing visa applications for Afghans seeking to come to the United States, including by assisting Afghans who qualify for SIVs,” a State Department spokesperson told Fox News.

Thousands of Afghan colleagues of the US army in third countries are currently waiting for evacuation with documents in their possession.