Economic Problems, Pule Sorkh Cultural Center Stops Operations in Kabul

Kabul – The authorities of Pule Sorkh Cultural Center have confirmed that the center is no more active and the properties have been put for sale in an auction.

With the rise of the Taliban, Pule Sorkh Cultural Center has finally closed its doors to visitors who are usually the students, educators, youth, and children like other cultural centers which were affected by social and economic crises.

The center’s motto was to promote pen and book instead of weapons and bullets. The member was committed to continuing activities and efforts under any circumstances, but the recent changes and economical crises have left no option but to close the center.

It was a center for exhibiting books, paintings, calligraphy, handicrafts, and conducting education and cultural events. The center had visitors from every segment of society.

The authorities of the center have stated the center is for sale due to financial problems.

Since Taliban rebels have seized power in Kabul, a measurable number of small businesses have shut down due to economical problems.