Crime Rates in Afghanistan Remain High

The Taliban’s Ministry of Interior has announced that theft, kidnapping, and criminal offenses in Afghanistan have dropped to zero. The deputy spokesman for the ministry said it was the result of efforts made by Taliban forces. According to him, crimes that take place in the country are usual, even in developed countries. The Taliban-led government has said it is pursuing thieves and rioters, stressing that it will not allow the Taliban’s name to be misused.

What is happening in the city streets is different from what Taliban officials claim. In Kabul on Thursday night, armed robbers stole a doctor’s money and mobile phone in the Arzan-Qimat area. Armed robbers in Taliban uniforms also stopped a car on the Kabul-Logar highway and took about 250,000 afghanis. These are the only cases of theft that are reported to journalists. There are many cases of these events that are not even reported. Depending on the situation, robberies are more likely to occur in cities and on city streets, as different individuals and groups live there. For this reason, the opportunity to steal in populated areas is more favorable.

Currently, Kabul citizens are more cautious when navigating the city at night. They are not sure of the security. The Taliban’s assessment may be based on the general situation in the city and some of the sparsely populated provinces, but what is happening in the alleys and back alleys shows a high rate of crime. The security situation in some areas has improved compared to the previous government. But unfortunately, the security of the capital and some cities is not as good as the Taliban report. The fact is that people are scared when walking around the city, especially at night, and imagine every moment the danger of facing thieves.

The Taliban should let the people judge the crime rate. The Interior Ministry of the Taliban-led government may see the denial of events as a positive way to convince the people. But the citizens see everything with their own eyes. The fact that crime still occurs and is denied by the authorities not only does not help to improve the situation but also increases people’s distrust. It is also unreasonable to compare the security situation in Afghanistan with that of developed countries. In other countries, citizens navigate, at least, safely and are more likely to be safe.

Responsible institutions should focus on fundamentally solving challenges instead of advertising. Thieves are still stealing in military uniform. The problem of not having a uniform is unfortunately not solved. In some cases, thieves are also released after being arrested, leading to a repeat of the same crime by the same individuals throughout the city. There have been cases when robbers have been arrested two or three times, but they have been released on bail. And even pictures of them have been published in the media. The thieves continue to steal after their release. The authorities should leave the judgments to the citizens and focus on better fulfilling their promises.