Clashes Between Taliban Fighters and Residents of Kunduz Leave 1 Dead and 6 Injured

Kabul – Local sources in Kunduz province have confirmed that as a result of clashes between the Taliban rebels and the residents of Qala-e-Zal district in the province, one resident is killed and six others are injured.

According to sources, the clashes took place in the village of Kulukh Tapah over the collection of tithes and zakat on Monday, April 18.

As confirmed by sources, the Pashtun Taliban forcibly collect tithes from local Turkmen, while locals are unable to pay tithes.

It is reported that the injured individuals are taken to the Provincial Hospital in the province.

Local Taliban members in Kunduz province have not yet commented on the clashes.

Taliban is the first self-proclaimed and weapon-oriented government that considers the people responsible to feed their fighters, using the logic of baseless religious decrees.