Chaman Boldak Passage Opens for Commuting

Kabul – The embassy of Pakistan in Kabul has announced that the Chaman’s Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan will be opened for commuting from today (Tuesday, November 2).

The Pakistani Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan in Kabul tweeted that after negotiations between the border officials of the two countries, the Chaman Boldak Passage will be opened towards commuting for both citizens of the counties from today (Tuesday, November 2).

“Chaman-Boldak-Passage will be opened to facilitate commuting for the people and for the transition of commercial goods tomorrow,” he added.

Moreover, one of the inhabitants of the passage has said that commuting has practically started at the border.
Ambassador Ahmad Mansoor stressed that in the negotiation, both sides have given assurance to facilitate commuting and commercial goods transportation.

The Torkham and Chaman-Boldak Passages had been closed towards the citizens of both countries since the recent changes in the country.