Taliban Must Sever Ties with All Terrorist Groups: Asian and EU Virtual Summit

Kabul – A dozen of European and Asian leaders met online and discussed the situation of Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The summit was hosted by Cambodia on (Friday, November 26) and more than 50 countries from Asia and Europe attended this virtual meeting.

The virtual summit, which focused more on equitable vaccine distribution in poor countries, also discussed the current crises in Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The participating countries issued a joint statement expressing concern over the security situation in Afghanistan, calling for unimpeded access to humanitarian aid groups.

Afghanistan should no longer be a safe haven for terrorism, the participants stressed.

In a joint statement, they called on the Taliban to sever ties with all terrorist groups.

The Taliban have not yet commented.

In the past, the leaders of the Taliban have repeatedly stated that they have no ties to any terrorist group and have assured the world that there is no threat from Afghanistan to other countries.