Amnesty International Describes Brutal Attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan As ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Two days after the bloody attacks on Ashura mourners in Kabul, which were claimed by the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (ISKP), Amnesty International has recently described these attacks as a “crime against humanity”.

In a report published on Monday (August 8), Amnesty International called for the condemnation of the recent attacks in the west of Kabul and asked the Taliban to do more to protect the Hazara community of Afghanistan.

Zaman Sultani, Amnesty International’s South Asia Researcher, said that the Taliban, as the current rulers of Afghanistan, should conduct immediate, impartial and complete investigations in connection with these attacks in accordance with international standards and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Amnesty International has already documented the targeted killing of Hazaras, following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021.

According to the UN’s report, 120 people were killed and injured in recent attacks on Hazara community during the Muharram in the west of Kabul.

Since the Taliban seized power, the Hazaras have been paying the price of regime change and government collapse with their blood and lives. This is the not first case recorded in the portfolio of the Taliban being not able to provide protection for civilians or even being involved in the cases.

Series and several similar brutal attacks are recorded since last year that has targeted the Hazara communities in different provinces.

During the former government, the Taliban used to take responsibility for the attacks, but now the label is changed to ISIS and every attack and human tragedy that happens is charged to ISIS’s account and the group which Taliban have many times rejected to be present in the country take responsibility.